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Patient Reviews

See what our patients say about us! Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva prides herself on offering the highest quality of surgery and care. We think our reviews are a testament to that.

30 Yr Old, Breast Aug, Lipo on Abdomen & Back – Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ho did an absolutely wonderful job with both my breast augmentation and liposuction! She is professional, highly-skilled at what she does, and has an eye for detail and precision during surgery. I felt that she took the time to listen to me and I really appreciated her honest opinion when I asked her questions.

I am so happy that i found this place. I have been looking for best surgery hospital for long time. I have done my eyelid surgery in other hospital but i saw Dr Ho at Wave plastic surgery and she really done excellent job to fix my eyelid surgery which has done 3 years ago. After all if i need fat transfer or any other surgery i always see Dr.Ho I definitely recommend her for someone who want to be prettier at the same time honest and very professional doctor.

I went for lower blepharoplasty by Dr. Ho 2 months ago & I am very satisfied with the result. I was always afraid to go for any plastic surgery especially to my face, but Dr. Ho is very patient, very professional and understand my needs. I trust her work and no regret at all after the surgery. I have got all the compliments from my friends. Really great result on my first ever plastic surgery. Will recommend Dr. Ho for sure.

I got the face lift (rhytidectomy) done last summer by Dr. Peter Lee. It has been a year now and the results are terrific. From the pre-surgery consultation, to the aftercare, the Wave staff as well as the nurses and doctors were well in ensuring that I was satisfied with my results. My daughter also got a double eyelid surgery done with Dr. Goretti Ho and she was extremely happy with the results. Overall, both doctors were wonderful in taking care of us and I highly recommend this place to anyone that wants to get a procedure done or someone who has questions and is unsure about how certain procedures are done. The Wave staff are fantastic!

After researching double eyelid surgery for about a year or so, I came upon this plastic surgery center.  For sure, this place has reputation because many of people around got amazing result from them.  I was first consulted by Emily, who gave me the quotation of the double eyelid surgery.  She was young, but she really knew many things and taught me a thing or two during the consultation like how they have the new technique for doing the double eyelid surgery and so on.  I decided to get the incision technique double eyelid surgery by dr. goretti ho.  The reason for picking this doctor is because the people who received double eyelid surgery from this place has all gotten it from her.  She was very beautiful in person and was very confident in her words.  The surgery was quick and it was about 1 hour I think.  She told me that the surgery went really well and would love to see me back soon.  I had to go back a day after for my one day check up and went back again for taking the stitches out.  It is now 3 months after the surgery and I really do get surprised when I see in the mirror because I look like different person.  In the morning my eyelids are a bit swollen, but during the day time, they subside and look amazing.  I feel like the choice that I made to come here than other clinics was worth it and would recommend this to my friends.

Fat Graft to the Face, 27 Years Old – Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Gorreti Ho didn’t spend too much time with me but still delivered great results

36years Old, One Kid, Breast Enlargement Surgery Needed Because of Being “Flat-chested” – Los Angeles, CA

I think Dr. Ho at the Wave Plastic Surgery Center is the best doctor that I ever met. She looked confident, so I trusted her. I was more comfortable because she is a woman like me. There were other well experienced doctors, but I trusted Dr. Ho and I felt more comfortable with her. When I consulted her about my breast—if I showed my breast to a man doctor, I might be very embarrassed—since Dr. Ho is a woman like me, I felt comfortable to show my breast to her without hesitation. As you can see in the picture that I uploaded above, my chin is a bit fleshy, so I think I need liposuction someday. Of course, I will choose Dr. Ho. at Wave Plastic Surgery Center for my next surgery without hesitation. She is trustworthy for my face and body.