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Tired of droopy eyelids clouding your vision? Experience the transformative power of Upneeq, the FDA-approved eye drop solution. Under the expertise of Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva in Newport Beach, CA, achieve clearer vision and a rejuvenated appearance without surgery.

Unlock Benefits of Clear Vision with Upneeq

Revitalize your gaze with the transformative benefits of Upneeq, a non-surgical, once-a-day solution for acquired ptosis. Enjoy clearer vision, a rejuvenated appearance, and an overall uplifted look that turns heads and boosts confidence. Read on to discover why Upneeq is the game-changing treatment you’ve been waiting for.

What is Acquired Ptosis?

Acquired ptosis is a condition that causes the eyelids to sag or droop. It is also called blepharoptosis or droopy eyelids. It usually occurs when the muscles around the eyelids are stretched or weakened. This causes the eyelids to droop lower than normal.

There are several reasons blepharoptosis may develop. These include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Cataract surgery
  • Contact lens wear
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Botox injections

Acquired ptosis can make you look tired and older than you actually are. It causes the eyes to look smaller than they actually are. The condition can also interfere with your ability to see clearly, which can be problematic for day-to-day activities such as reading, driving, or using a computer. 

What is Upneeq?

Upneeq is a prescription eye drop that consists of oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. It is the only FDA-approved eye drop designed specifically for acquired ptosis, also known as droopy eyelids. The solution temporarily lifts the upper eyelids, opening the eyes wider for better vision and an enhanced look. 

Patients suffering from blepharoptosis no longer have to resort to eyelid surgery, as Upneeq is a non-invasive, safe, fast-working, and effective treatment. With just one dose a day, patients can see a noticeable difference. Clinical studies show an average eyelid lift of approximately one millimeter.

How Does Upneeq Work?

Upneeq is an eye drop formula, so you apply it directly from the vial into the eyes. One drop for each eye per day is the typical dosage. Most patients see results within two hours of applying the eye drops. 

Using Upneeq is easy. You simply cut open the foil package, remove the single-use vial and apply one drop of Upneeq into each eye. If you wear contact lenses, take them out to apply the eye drops. After applying Upneeq, you can throw away the vial and reapply contact lenses after 15 minutes. 

Am I a Good Candidate For Upneeq?

If you suffer from droopy eyelids, you may be a good candidate for Upneeq. The formula was specifically designed for acquired ptosis, eyelids that have developed droopiness or sagging over time. This includes acquired ptosis brought on by age, contact lens use, or Botox injections that have traveled from the forehead down to the eyelids. 

Upneeq is not designed for people who have congenital ptosis. If you have had droopy eyelids since birth, eyelid surgery may be a better option for you. Your doctor can advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation.

Upneeq is designed to combat drooping eyelids caused by acquired ptosis or Botox injections

Upneeq Consultation

Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva, MD, offers Upneeq consultations at the LEA Plastic Surgery center in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. 

During the consultation, the specialist will evaluate the patient’s medical history to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that may cause complications. The specialists will also examine the eyelids to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for Upneeq.

Upneeq is designed to combat drooping eyelids caused by acquired ptosis or Botox injections. However, low-lying lids may be related to other conditions such as brain aneurysm, stroke, myasthenia gravis, eye infections or eye tumors. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have any of those conditions.

Once the specialist determines that you are a good candidate for Upneeq, they will thoroughly explain the treatment procedure including safe use of the product, anticipated results, and duration of the treatment. The doctor will then provide a prescription for Upneeq.

Where to Find Upneeq in Newport Beach, CA

Patients in Orange County, California can visit LEA Plastic Surgery for an Upneeq consultation and prescription. Patients can purchase the product in-office or online at

LEA Plastic Surgery is a boutique practice conveniently located in the heart of Newport Beach, CA. Headed by board-certified Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva, MD, and her team of highly skilled aesthetic experts, the practice specializes in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures including, but not limited to double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, dermal fillers and Upneeq.

The LEA aesthetic team offers customized, compassionate care for every patient and is dedicated to providing balanced, natural-looking results. The practice serves patients from Orange County, CA as well as national and international patients.

Is Upneeq Safe?

Upneeq is FDA-approved. In clinical trials it was proven to be safe and effective when used as directed. Upneeq is a prescription eye drop, so it should be prescribed by a doctor.

What Are The Side Effects of Upneeq?

Most patients do not experience any negative side effects from using Upneeq. However, in rare cases patients may experience eye inflammation, dry eyes, blurred vision, eye irritation, red eyes, headaches or eye pain when using Upneeq. The formula may also affect blood pressure.

How Soon Will I See Results From Upneeq?

The majority of patients in Upneeq clinical trials saw results within two hours of applying the eye drops. Some patients saw eyelid lifts as little as five minutes after the first dose. In addition, over 87% of patients reported significant improvements in vision after using Upneeq for two weeks or more.

Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva
Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva

Frequently Asked Questions About Upneeq

What does Upneeq do?

Upneeq lifts the upper eyelids to open the eyes. It can improve vision and enhance the look of your eyes so they look less tired.

Am I a good candidate for Upneeq?

Upneeq is formulated to help patients suffering from acquired ptosis. If you have droopy eyelids that developed over time, you are likely a good candidate for Upneeq.

How long does it take to see results?

You should see a lift in your eyelids within two hours of applying the eye drops.

Are there any side effects?

Very few patients experience side effects after using Upneeq. However, you may experience eye redness, dryness, or irritation, blurred vision, inflammation, eye pain or headaches.

What Upneeq office is near me?

If you live near Newport Beach, CA, LEA Plastic Surgery offers Upneeq among its services, and is conveniently located at 20360 SW Birch Street Suite 180 Newport Beach, CA 92660

“I love doctor Ho! She is the best! She did my eyes ~ and my fat transfer ~ after the surgery she follows me every week ~ she always give me good advice!~ I am loving my new face now~ thanks and millions of thanks for her! ”


“I was born with left eye ptosis and always had one eye monolid and the other has double crease. It is very difficult for me to do makeup everyday. It bothered me very long time. Now I have even double eyelid and am happy with it. Thank you Dr. Taghva who has amazing skills for the beauty which brings happiness for women.”


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