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Ballancer Pro

Tired of persistent muscle aches and poor circulation? Experience immediate relief with Ballancer Pro at LEA Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. Under the expertise of Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva, you’ll achieve optimal wellness and enhanced blood flow without any downtime.

Optimize Health with Ballancer Pro Benefits

Unlock a new realm of wellness and beauty with Ballancer Pro, a painless, non-invasive treatment designed to enhance your body’s natural capabilities. In just one session, you can experience a variety of benefits from muscle relief to enhanced skin tone. Say goodbye to long recovery times and hello to immediate results.

What is Ballancer Pro?

The Ballancer Pro is a medical device with FDA approval and consists of a jacket and pants made from parachute-like material, with 24 air chambers for targeted compression.

The Ballancer Pro system works like compression garments that assist in draining the lymphatic system to improve health and recover aesthetics without involving any invasive procedures.

The compression system is designed like a zip-up jacket and is used to stimulate the lymphatic system. The sensation is comparable to a massage, but it tends to be less rigorous than a deep tissue massage as the lymphatic system is situated just beneath the skin.

How does Ballancer Pro work?

The treatment begins with a massage focusing on the groin and knee areas, which contain lymph nodes. This helps to decongest them so that they can start to be cleared.

Massage techniques are utilized in order to move the fluids within your tissues and the lymphatic channels toward the central circulatory system, where toxins and liquids are broken down and excreted.

The sensation is painless and relaxing, with adjustable levels of pressure for maximum comfort.

Which areas of the body can be targeted with the Ballancer®Pro Systems?

Ballancer Pro is designed to offer a holistic treatment of the entire body. The jacket is intended for the upper body, and the pants are tailored to the lower body. Beneficial areas include:

  • Arms
  • Upper and lower back
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips

What can Ballancer Pro do for me?

Ballancer Pro in Newport Beach and Orange County, CA, offers a revolutionary way to achieve improved circulation and enhance your overall wellness. With its innovative Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Massage Therapy System, you can experience relaxation and gains in performance like never before.

By utilizing targeted compression technology, Ballancer Pro helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing for the removal of excess fluids and toxins from the body. This generates improved circulation, an increase in blood oxygen levels, and normalized blood gas levels, leading to improved tissue function.

Whether you’re looking to recover from a strenuous workout or simply relax after a long day, Ballancer Pro in Newport Beach is the perfect solution. With its wide range of benefits and customizable pressure settings, you can tailor your entire treatment to meet your specific needs.

The Synergy Effect of Ballancer Pro

The Ballancer Pro is frequently combined with other body contouring treatments for optimum results, enhancing the desired outcome after CoolSculpting®, RF, Exilis, Cryotherapy, Ultrasound, Endermologie, MLD, as well as Kybella® and injectables.

Following a surgical procedure such as liposuction or mommy makeovers, lymphatic drainage is often recommended to aid in the recovery process, reduce discomfort, and minimize bruising and inflammation.

Ballancer Pro is a non-invasive, painless treatment that helps to reduce inflammation, improve body contours and recover aesthetics

Is this treatment suitable for everyone?

The Ballancer Pro is intended for use by healthy individuals. You should not receive a lymphatic drainage massage if you:

  • Have active cancer that is being treated by chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Have heart or vascular problems.
  • Have a condition that requires the use of any medical device.
  • If you have been diagnosed with blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, or phlebitis.
  • The presence of unexplained calf pain.
  • Have swollen, inflamed areas or skin eruptions.
  • If you are (or maybe) pregnant, consult with your physician before use.

Ballancer Pro Cost Considerations

The cost of Ballancer Pro treatments in Newport Beach, CA, can vary depending on the number of sessions needed and the specific areas being targeted. Prices typically range from $150 to $300 per session. These costs reflect the investment in improved blood circulation, a supply of oxygen to tissues, and overall body wellness through lymphatic drainage and compression technology. By investing in your lymphatic system and blood vessel health, you can experience enhanced recovery, reduced inflammation, and improved overall well-being.

Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva
Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva

Frequently Asked Questions About Ballancer Pro

What are the side effects of Ballancer Pro?

No complications have been observed as a result of the Ballancer® Pro treatment. Ballancer® Pro is a safe, gentle, preventative, and immediately gratifying treatment that brings relief and long-term benefits. No downtime, no recovery.

Are the results permanent?

Full body lymphatic drainage has long-term results when the procedure is repeated regularly for a prolonged period of time. For lasting results, the minimum number of treatments is 6, but you will see your best results with 12 lymphatic drainage sessions within 3-4 weeks.

One massage can bring an instant, short-term effect of drainage (loss of inches, relief of pain and aches, skin toning, etc.), but the consistency of treatments brings long-term results.

How often can I do a lymphatic drainage treatment?

Between each lymphatic drainage treatment, there should be 24-48 hours of rest to give the lymphatic system time to condition.

After your initial goals are complete, it’s ideal to continue with regular treatments once or twice a week to maintain optimal health.

Ultimately, results vary from person to person.

How fast will I see results after Ballancer Pro treatment?

Patients may experience positive effects from the first session, with further improvements observed after 12 sessions over a span of 3-4 weeks.

Is there any downtime after Ballancer Pro treatment?

This compression therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments, resulting in reduced downtime and accelerated recovery time.

How long is each treatment session with Ballancer Pro?

The sessions last between 40 to 60 minutes. 2-3 treatments are recommended weekly until your aesthetic goals are met. However, you can customize a treatment plan that best helps you achieve your individual goals.

What Ballancer Pro office is near me?

If you live near Newport Beach, CA, LEA Plastic Surgery offers Ballancer Pro among its services, and is conveniently located at 20360 SW Birch Street Suite 180 Newport Beach, CA 92660

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