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Breast Augmentation

Scar-Free Beauty: Breast Augmentation Without the Marks


Breast augmentation surgery has come a long way since its inception. However, the biggest hurdle many women face is the fear of visible scarring. This fear often deters them from enjoying the benefits of breast augmentation. Thanks to advancements in technology and surgical procedures, we now have scarless approaches like endoscopic breast augmentation that eliminate the problem of visible scarring. Dr. Goretti Taghva is here to guide you through this revolutionary approach to breast augmentation.

The Fear of Scars in Traditional Breast Augmentation

Visible scars have always been a concern when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Whether it’s a breast lift, breast implant removal surgery, or any form of breast augmentation, the risk of noticeable scars often causes hesitation. Even a skilled cosmetic surgeon can only minimize, not eliminate, scarring in traditional breast augmentation procedures.

  • Psychological Impact: Scars often lead to lower self-esteem and reduced confidence.
  • Testimonials: Many women who underwent breast implant revision or breast lift surgery later regretted the noticeable scars left behind.

What is Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The Technology Behind It

Endoscopic breast augmentation employs specialized cameras and equipment to make incisions as inconspicuous as possible. Unlike traditional breast augmentation techniques, which often result in an incision scar, this approach uses transaxillary incisions located in the armpit or a transumbilical incision through the belly button.

How It Differs from Traditional Methods

Unlike traditional methods that often require larger incisions to place silicone implants or saline implants, endoscopic techniques use a Keller funnel to insert the breast implants. This results in minimal scarring and reduces the risk of complications such as capsular contracture.

Endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation 5 months 305 MP Sientra

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Benefits of Scarless Breast Augmentation

Endoscopic breast augmentation offers numerous advantages over traditional methods:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: No visible scar on the actual breast.
  • Faster Recovery Time: Smaller incisions mean quicker healing.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: Lower chances of capsular contracture and loss of sensation in the breast tissue.

Why Endoscopic Augmentation is a Good Option

Endoscopic augmentation provides a more holistic approach to breast augmentation, especially for women who fear scars. During the breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Goretti Taghva, a board-certified plastic surgeon, you will be taken through all the steps involved. From the initial meeting to breast implant revision surgery, if needed, you are in safe hands.

Step-by-Step Guide to Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Initial Consultation

Fill out the online form for a consultation with Dr. Goretti Taghva. Here, you’ll discuss your goals, and the history of breast augmentation will be reviewed to explain how the current scarless breast augmentations differ.

The Procedure

A small incision is made either in the armpit (transaxillary breast augmentation) or the belly button. A Keller funnel is then used to place the silicone gel implants or saline implants into the breast pocket.


Postoperative care is essential for any surgical procedure, especially breast implant revision surgery or breast reduction surgery. A proper care regimen will ensure faster recovery and lower the risk of complications.

What Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Can Offer You

  • Enhanced Body Image: Embrace the beauty of a fuller chest without the drawbacks of visible scarring or prolonged recovery periods. With endoscopic breast augmentation, you can achieve the curves you desire while maintaining the aesthetics of your natural breasts.
  • No Scarring: Bid farewell to the anxiety of scarring on the most intimate part of your body. Through carefully crafted transaxillary incisions or transumbilical incisions, this technique ensures that your breasts remain pristine, free from any visible scars.
  • Boosted Self-Esteem: A positive self-image is your key to increased confidence. Endoscopic breast augmentation empowers you to not only enhance your physical appearance but also boost your self-esteem. Feel more self-assured in your everyday life, whether at work, social events, or simply when looking in the mirror. The ripple effect of this newfound confidence will enhance your overall quality of life, making you radiate with self-assuredness and positivity.
Endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation 355 moderate plus profile Sientra implants.
Endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation 355 moderate plus profile Sientra implants.

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What to Expect After the Surgery

Immediate Post-op Care

Dr. Goretti Taghva will provide you with detailed post-op instructions to aid in your recovery. Chest muscle will typically be sore for the first few days.

Recovery Timelines

Within a week or two, you should be able to resume most normal activities, provided you adhere to Dr. Goretti Taghva’s guidelines.

Safety Measures in Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Safety is paramount. The surgical team, led by Dr. Goretti Taghva, adheres to stringent safety protocols to ensure a successful outcome. From sterilizing equipment to monitoring chest wall and breast muscles, every step is meticulously planned and executed.

Your Partner in This Journey: Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva

Choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial for a successful endoscopic breast augmentation journey. At LEA Plastic Surgery, you’ll find the expertise of Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva, an Ivy League-educated plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

She specializes in a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation procedures, including endoscopic breast augmentation. Her expertise ensures that you are in the most capable hands.

The Final Pitch: Why Choose Scarless Breast Augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation offers a compelling list of benefits:

  • Minimal Scarring: The use of transaxillary incisions ensures that you won’t have a visible scar on your chest wall.
  • Quick Recovery: Say goodbye to prolonged downtime and hello to a faster, smoother recovery period.
  • Increased Safety: Reduced risks of complications like capsular contracture.
  • High Satisfaction Rates: Most women who choose this procedure report high levels of satisfaction and an improved quality of life.

Embrace the Scar-Free Journey

If the fear of scars has kept you from enhancing your appearance, endoscopic breast augmentation is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This safe, scar-free technique, led by Dr. Goretti Taghva, offers a new lease on life for women seeking to improve their physical appearance without the burden of scars. Schedule a consultation with her today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the endoscopic breast augmentation procedure take?

The actual breast augmentation procedure takes approximately one to two hours. However, this may vary depending on your specific case and any additional procedures like breast lift or breast reduction surgery that you may choose to undergo alongside.

What is the average recovery time for endoscopic breast augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation boasts a quicker recovery time compared to traditional methods. Most patients can return to their normal activities within a week or two, although it’s crucial to follow Dr. Goretti Taghva’s post-op guidelines for optimal results.

Are there any risks associated with endoscopic methods?

As with any surgical procedure, endoscopic breast augmentation does have risks, but they are minimal. Capsular contracture and loss of sensation in the breast tissue are possible but are less likely than with traditional breast augmentation techniques.

How much does endoscopic breast augmentation typically cost?

The cost can vary depending on a multitude of factors, including geographical location, the expertise of the plastic surgeon, and any additional procedures you may choose, like breast implant revision surgery. Dr. Goretti Taghva can provide a comprehensive quote during your breast augmentation consultation.

Can I still breastfeed after undergoing endoscopic breast augmentation?

Yes, breastfeeding is generally still possible after endoscopic breast augmentation. The procedure has less impact on the breast tissue and the chest muscle, making it a viable option for women planning to breastfeed in the future.