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Breast Augmentation

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation: Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts


At LEA Plastic Surgery many of our breast augmentation patients are athletically built, with lean muscle and petite frames. Many Orange County women lead active lifestyles, enjoying activities including pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, and running.

Women with smaller frames and defined muscles want to enhance their curves too! Some active women worry that breast augmentation will leave them with large, unnatural-looking breasts that don’t match their frames or interfere with their activities. The good news is they can achieve a natural look that complements their body.

With transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation, women can achieve a fuller, natural look without any visible scars on the breasts.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation for Athletic Build

In a regular breast augmentation, surgeons usually make incisions around or under the breasts depending on the implant type. Newport Beach breast surgeon Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva uses an endoscopic approach, involving a camera to view beneath the skin.

Dr. Ho Taghva makes a single incision in the underarm and inserts an endoscopic tube to visualize the breast pocket. This method minimizes tissue damage and leaves no visible scars on the breasts. While this is standard practice for Dr. Ho Taghva, many other surgeons do not yet offer endoscopic breast surgery. When you choose her for Newport Beach breast augmentation, you’re selecting cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

Women in the fitness industry often lose breast fat due to intense workouts and strict diets. As you can’t spot reduce fat, their routines and diets dedicated to fat loss target any area with fat, which can include the breasts. 

Some women in the fitness industry may be competitive bikini fitness models who spend hours in the gym working on muscle definition and body composition. Breast implants can restore lost volume for these women, making their bodies look more balanced and feminine. 

Athletic women may choose breast implants to counteract comments about their bodies not being “feminine enough.” They believe that enhanced breasts help them appear more traditionally feminine and attractive with their muscular builds.

Do Breast Implants Interfere With Active Lifestyles?

Some women in the fitness world want to restore lost tissue with breast implants but worry they won’t be able to go hard in the gym. Concerns include whether implants will be uncomfortable during weightlifting or, even worse if the pressure could cause them to pop.

While there are some minor limitations with breast implants, most patients can work around them and keep reaching their fitness goals. Heavy lifting that targets the pectoralis muscles isn’t recommended, however, as it can increase the risk of implant shifting or capsular contracture.

If you’re careful with your pecs while lifting, breast implants are safe and won’t mess with your lifestyle or health. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, active individuals are great candidates for breast augmentation but need to take a break from heavy exercise for about six weeks post-op to heal properly. Once you’re healed, the limitations are minimal. 

With endoscopic breast augmentation, patients can usually return to most forms of exercise after a month or so. You’ll still need to avoid certain upper body exercises for six weeks, even if you opt for this less invasive procedure.

Many women get into fitness to boost their confidence and just need that extra enhancement from breast implants to feel completely comfortable in their bodies.

Advantages of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

When you live an active lifestyle, you don’t want to be sidelined by a long recovery, especially when you love exercising and fear losing all your progress. You also may want to show off your body, and it’s hard to do so with visible surgery scars. This is why endoscopic breast augmentation is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts.

This technique offers several pros, like smaller incisions, minimal scarring as the incisions are usually in the armpit, and a faster recovery. Plus, it allows for a precise implant placement, reducing the risk of complications.

Quicker Recovery

This minimally invasive technique speeds up the healing process so you can spend less time recovering and more time doing what you love in your new look.

Less Visible Scarring

The endoscopic approach uses smaller incisions, often hidden in less noticeable places like the underarm. You won’t be left with visible plastic surgery scars like you may be with other breast augmentation methods.

Lower Risk of Complications

As Dr. Ho Taghva uses a camera for enhanced visibility during endoscopic breast augmentation, this technique minimizes risks and potential complications related to nerves and blood vessels.

Athletic Breast Augmentation: What Type of Implants Should Athletes Get?

At LEA Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ho Taghva offers a variety of breast enlargement options, such as:

  • SIENTRA gummy bear silicone implants
  • IDEAL implants, a modern saline implant
  • High Profile BOOST Mentor implants

The gummy bear implant consists of compacted silicone gel, the IDEAL implant is a sophisticated saline option that mimics the feel of silicone implants, which are typically more natural and subtle. During your consultation, we’ll determine the best brand and type of implant for you.

For athletic breast augmentation, we typically recommend high-profile silicone or gummy bear implants placed below the muscle. Here’s why transaxillary breast augmentation with submuscular placement is beneficial for athletes:

  • Support and strain reduction: The implant is supported, reducing unnecessary strain on your skin.
  • Minimized rippling: It decreases the risk of rippling, which can be an issue for women with low body fat.
  • Natural look and feel: Implants look, and feel more natural when placed beneath the muscle.
  • Lower risk of capsular contracture: This placement reduces the risk of your body rejecting the implants, which can cause distortion and pain.

Implant sizes for women in the fitness industry vary based on their goals and activities. Some may prefer a dramatic, voluminous look, while others opt for a subtle, natural enhancement to restore breast volume.

During your athletic breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Ho Taghva, she will discuss your lifestyle, evaluate your frame, and use implant sizers to find your perfect size, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident while doing the activities you love.

When Can I Return to My Exercise Routines After Athletic Breast Augmentation?

We recommend taking it easy on the workouts for at least six weeks after your breast augmentation. Dr. Ho Taghva is serious about aftercare and monitors patients during their recovery to reduce the risk of complications. Give your body the time it needs to heal and wait for the green light from your doctor before jumping back into heavy exercise.

Six weeks sounds like a long time to be away from the gym, but it is essential for your safety and to get the best results. If you’ve been into fitness for years, you’ve built enough muscle and stamina to handle a six-week break without falling behind on your progress.

If you push it too soon, you could face complications like:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Hematomas
  • Seromas
  • Scar tissue formation

While you should avoid intense workouts until you’re fully healed, your doctor might give you the go-ahead to do light exercises, like walking on a treadmill, if you’re healing well at the two-week mark. Taking short walks around the room during the first couple of weeks can help prevent blood clots and keep you feeling your best.

If you believe athletic breast augmentation may be your best step toward increased confidence, request a consultation with Newport Beach board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva to discuss your goals and discover if this procedure is right for you.