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Breast Lift

Are You the Perfect Fit for a Breast Lift?


Considering a breast lift? Also known as mastopexy, this surgical procedure elevates sagging breasts and improves contour. Breast lift surgery is a popular choice for those affected by aging, weight changes, or life events like pregnancy. The key to successful results lies in being an ideal candidate for a breast lift. This guide will cover why you might consider the procedure, how to prepare, and what to expect during recovery, offering a concise overview to help you make an informed decision.

Why Consider a Breast Lift?

Aging and Gravity

Aging and gravity are inevitable forces that can transform youthful, perky breasts into elongated shapes that sag over time, leading to breast sagging.

A mastopexy offers a surgical solution to this, restoring your breasts to a more youthful and elevated position. It addresses both the weakening of breast tissue and the gravitational pull that exacerbates sagging, giving you beautiful breasts with a firmer, more youthful breast contour.

Post-Pregnancy Changes

The journey through motherhood can bring about remarkable changes to your body, especially affecting the shape and size of your breasts. During pregnancy, you may notice an increase in breast size; however, the aftermath often includes sagging or drooping breasts.

Breastfeeding, while essential for your child, can further exacerbate these changes, leading to a cycle of breast tissue enlargement and reduction that often leaves you with loose breast tissue.

Weight Fluctuations

Weight changes are another crucial factor influencing the condition of your breasts. When you lose a significant amount of weight, you might also notice a parallel loss of breast volume, which can lead to sagging and a less defined shape.

On the flip side, gaining weight can have a similar but opposite effect. The added pounds can stretch the excess skin around the breast, resulting in further sagging and drooping. In both scenarios, a mastopexy might be the solution to regain a more youthful and firmer breast contour.

Signs You Might Be a Candidate for a Breast Lift

Determine the Level of Sagging

The degree of sagging is a major determinant of the type of breast lift you may require. Evaluating your breast sag is essential to know what kind of procedure would work best for you. There are several methods to gauge this:

  • Breast Crease Test: If your nipples fall below the breast crease when unsupported, you’re likely a candidate for a breast lift. This test provides a quick assessment of how much your breasts have sagged over time, particularly if you have elongated breasts that have drooped considerably.
  • Pencil Test: Place a pencil under the breast; if the pencil stays, it may indicate sagging requiring attention. This old-school test can give you a basic idea of the extent of sagging and can be particularly useful if you’ve experienced weight loss that has contributed to sagging.
  • Mirror Test: Stand before a mirror and honestly evaluate the position and shape of your breasts. Do they look deflated or pendulous? If yes, you are probably an excellent breast lift patient, and it might be time for a consultation about a breast lift to regain a youthful appearance.

Having Asymmetry Issues?

Breast asymmetry is a common issue among women and can often be corrected through a breast lift. Asymmetrical breasts not only affect your physical appearance but may also influence your self-esteem and confidence. A breast lift can address this in several ways:

  • Breast Size and Asymmetry: Unequal breast size can be balanced out during the breast lift procedure. If one breast is significantly smaller or larger than the other, it can be resized to match its counterpart for a more symmetrical look.
  • Breast Position: The lift can also adjust the position of the areola and nipple to achieve symmetry. This is particularly important for those whose nipples point in different directions or are unevenly positioned.

Ideal Weight and Skin Quality

Attaining your ideal weight before undergoing a breast lift is often recommended. The texture of your breast skin is also an important factor to consider. If your skin has lost its elasticity due to aging, weight loss, or other factors, a breast lift could help improve the skin’s resilience and quality.

Previous Procedures

If you have had previous breast implants and are experiencing sagging, or if you’ve had a boob job in the past, a breast lift can often be combined with implant replacement or removal to achieve optimal results. This is especially relevant for breast lift patients who are not fully satisfied with the results from their previous procedures.

Essential Preoperative Considerations for a Breast Lift

Health Check

Before considering a breast lift, achieving stable weight and good overall health are critical factors. Dr. Goretti Taghva will perform comprehensive health screenings to ascertain you’re a suitable candidate for this cosmetic surgery, ensuring safer and more lasting results.

Emotional Preparedness

Emotional readiness is as vital as physical health for a successful breast lift procedure and a smooth recovery period. Manage your expectations realistically; a mastopexy offers significant enhancement but won’t radically alter your appearance.

Additionally, ensuring you have a strong support system in place can ease the process, helping you handle daily activities while you recuperate.

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What to Expect During the Breast Lift Process

Understanding what happens during the breast lift procedure can alleviate anxiety and better prepare you for surgery day.

  • Initial Consultation: During your first meeting with Dr. Goretti Taghva, you’ll discuss your expectations, the breast lift techniques available, and whether breast implants or breast reduction will be done in conjunction with breast augmentation.
  • Day of Surgery: The procedure typically lasts two to three hours and will include anesthesia, making the circular incision, removing excess skin, and reshaping breast tissue.

Recovery and Postoperative Care

The recovery process is an important aspect to consider for anyone contemplating a breast lift.

  • General Time Frames: Expect to be back to mild daily activities within a week, but full recovery may take several weeks.
  • Post-Surgery Care: Pain medication will be prescribed, and it’s important to follow Dr. Goretti Taghva’s instructions to minimize risk factors and ensure a smooth recovery.

Risks and Complications of a Breast Lift

Like any surgical procedure, a breast lift comes with its own set of risks and potential complications.

  • Possible Side Effects: These could include mild sagging, changes in breast sensation, and enlarged areolas.
  • Minimizing Risks: Following preoperative and postoperative guidelines can significantly reduce these risks.

Why Choose LEA Plastics for Your Breast Lift

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is pivotal for realizing your aesthetic goals, and with Dr. Goretti Taghva leading the team at LEA Plastic Surgery, you’re in expert hands. Not only does she offer unparalleled medical care, but the facility itself is equipped with the latest in surgical technology. This synergistic blend of top-notch medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities ensures that your primary objective of a successful breast lift is met to the highest standards.

This comprehensive guide aims to provide an in-depth understanding of what a breast lift entails. Dr. Goretti Taghva and her team at LEA Plastics are committed to helping you achieve your desired results. With proper care and realistic expectations, a breast lift can be a life-changing experience.

FAQs About Breast Lift Candidates

What Age is Most Appropriate for a Breast Lift?

There’s no “ideal age,” but most breast lift candidates are between 30 and 60 years old.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

A standard breast lift surgery usually takes between 2 to 3 hours.

Can I Combine a Breast Lift With Other Surgeries?

Yes, it’s common to combine a breast lift with other procedures like breast augmentation or breast reduction.

What is the Cost of a Breast Lift at LEA Plastics?

The cost varies based on several factors, such as the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s expertise.

How Long Do the Results of a Breast Lift Last?

The longevity of your breast lift results will depend on various factors like age, genetics, and lifestyle choices.